Special Needs Art Therapy With Steph Limage - Accessible Art

ABOUT Accessible Art is a Art Therapy Workshop produced by Artist Stephanie Limage

( www.stephtheartist.com ) for children and youth who live with complex medical, physical and developmental needs. This workshop is ideal for children who have conditions affecting physical, motor or sensory development or have acquired brain injury, prenatal exposure to alcohol or other drugs, cerebral palsy, or autism. The unique nature and complexity of their needs may make it difficult to find all the support they need at home or in their community which is where art can play a vital role in development. This workshop is used as a conduit to make art accessible for all and break down barriers while producing art!

During the workshop participants will have the oppourtunity to produce a individualized self curated assisted collaborative art piece with the workshop producer and fellow artist. This Workshop is currently held in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver by request. Individual or Group Sessions are available.

Please contact steph@limagemedia.com for more information or to book a session.

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