Update - East Van Art Show in Two Weeks / The Unexpected Sometimes Happens

Hello there, I was asked to do an art show and an artist talk / presentation in Vancouver in 2 weeks on Main St November 13th . Instead of showcasing art I have already produced I have been producing new art in a non thematic series for my own soul titled "feel better".

Song For the post/ update.

Like a majority of my art it is cheerful and vibrant.

The objective of this art is to simply feel better as I lost my grandmother recently. She was a huge influence on me and my art so I have been carrying a deep pain, releasing it via my art and staying true to my own self. I recently had to rearrange my entire life because she got sick with lung cancer.

I spent August in the hospital in Vernon BC then the hospice. I then had to clear out her place and deal with the funeral and all the aftermath of her death. all new to me. I flew out to Vancouver from Quebec to do my Art Therapy avec BC Children's and was planning to fly back after then got word my Grandma was in the hospital so I re-arranged my life.

Since this all took place on the West Coast I stashed my art and record player etc in storage on the East Coast and left my place in Quebec, work etc.

So dramatic yes but I assure you not planned.

That said Vancouver friends I will send you the private invite via social media, there is a cash bar and live music etc, festive vibes and near skytrain.

I am going to be pricing the new work to sell as a way of letting go, so you can capitalise on my temporary insanity and grab some new art works , hear some sweet live music have a drink etc.

My grandmother worked with oils, charcoals, conte, pastels and watercolours but primarily oils. Starting work on some new pieces using her art supplies (as seen in image below), brushes and blank canvasses I discovered when I found some of her art I had not seen and sketch books. Beautiful life , circles of life and creation.

That said I am sticking around the Lower Mainland till late spring with the exception of a few shows on the East Coast I had scheduled in advance.

Go with the flow.

#StephLimageVisualArtist #StephLimageArtShowsinVancouver #VancouverArtists #CanadianArtistStephLimage #Love #Loss

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