New work titled - "Sè Nan Pòtay Lavil La" / "Sisters of the Gate".

New work titled - "Sè Nan Pòtay Lavil La" / "Sisters of the Gate" - Oil on canvas, 2017. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption / Port-au-Prince Cathedral, Haiti. Originally built in between 1884 and 1914.The cathedral was destroyed during the 12th of January 2010 earthquake. What remains today is the original front as I painted here. Before its destruction, the cupola of the north tower of the Cathedral served as the front lighthouse of a pair guiding mariners into Port-au-Prince harbor. The Sisters of the Gate are a metaphor, they are the strong female Haitian leaders acting as a new beacon of light for the country. © / Steph Limage Art #canadianartist #canadianart

#CanadianMade #Haiti #Ayiti #HaitianHistory #CanadianPainterStephLimage #OilPaintingsByLimage

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