Next Art Show - December, 2017 | West Vancouver + Update

After several months of international travel, television production, art work production, exhibitions and logistics I am pleased to be back at home in Vancouver. My next art show and release of new work for sale will be in December of this year in West Vancouver. I am currently producing several large funky, vibrant pieces that are impressions + fragments of the places, culture and humans that have impacted me over the last few months. I am doing a freestyle and free flow straight from the heart to the canvas. I am using acrylics for the new series as I have been deep into oil painting this last year which has led me to new levels of blending and realistic portraiture.

The body of work I exhibited and toured in South America for my solo exhibitions was not for sale. I felt it was important to hold on to this body of work and not separate it in the event I choose to exhibit it here in Canada as well. I did however leave the key piece in a new style of tribal abstract freehand work with a friend in Buenos Aires. The piece I am referring to is the new piece that was given so much traction with the press in Argentina from the Snakes and Ladders trinity, featured in Ramona as well as the local media in Buenos Aires, thanks to Jaun Pablo Ferrer and Rodrigo Mirto. The other two artworks in the Snakes and Ladders trinity that were featured in Lejos De Casa are home here with me as well as the all of the new oil paintings that fit into the series I created over the last year of my life. Transporting art internationally is not for the faint of heart, that much I can share and attest to. Producing murals in the streets of Buenos Aires was very interesting and a bit of a public social project for me. Working with traditional printing presses and masters such as Ro Barrigan of Illusion Grafica in Buenos Aires was invigorating. Plastering the streets with hand printed and crafted posters made with the traditional printing press was liberating and made me feel like I was back in war times .....spreading propaganda throughout Buenos Aires. I never expected to have the experiences I had, meet who I met and feel what I felt. I will never forget this season of my life, I am so grateful I did not give up and overcame adversity to make it happen by blocking out all negative influences, pushing through to get to this new level and stage in my artistic career on an international level more so than before. I am so incredibly grateful for my mother Maureen who came all the way from Manitoba to see my exhibition and take me on a unforgettable adventure into the South American jungle. I got to see animals I had only seen in books or on TV in real life in the wild, telling you about it now still brings me to tears, it was incredible. I want to thank Michelle Beck for being a sounding board to me when no one was around, you adopted my heart and baggage so I could create in South America and get over my own issues holding me back.

This last year of my life has been a painful year overcoming loss and sadness stemming from the death of my grandmother in late August of 2016. I was very close to her illness.... lung cancer, it was ugly in the end and deeply painful for me to see her leave in such a terrible way and physical state. I have used the pain to carve into my own heart and life a year that would make her so proud of me as she was a huge supporter of my work. I mentioned in a post this time last year I was using her materials to produce new work and that I did. Art really does communicate what words can not express and allow you to move on and forward. Knowing death is inevitable and seeing it manifest in front of me not only with my grandmother passing but in the lives of the Haitian people who I saw dead in mass graves after the 2010 earthquake and witnessing babies dying of AIDS in the hospice has impacted me as an artist. I made the decision over a decade ago to use my art as well as my gifts to help others and bring life and light in the darkness. I will keep this mantra going as long as my heart is beating. I can only do this with your support, some of you have been with me for all of these years, loyal and true to your word, others have been shed from my life like snake skin outgrown but served a purpose. Then there are the voyeurs..... it is all stimulation, it is all necessary, it all is part of the creative process the love the hate and the silence.

That said, following through with a personal tradition I will be using the funds from the sale of the new artworks I am currently creating that will be exhibited in West Vancouver to cover the cost of shipping some new camera gear and supplies to Haiti. I recently was given a copious amount of camera and broadcasting gear from BCIT to use to train locals in Haiti and come alongside the Haitian film industry. I will share more in that project at another time, it is an exciting one that I pushed many years for and is now launched. I want to say thanks for supporting me as an artist, encouraging me, following me, believing in me, cheering me on and accepting me.

For those of you in Vancouver I will be mailing out invites to the opening in West Vancouver that will be up for a few weeks in December, I do not release locations till a month before hand for personal reasons.

For now I am doing post production and creative delegation from the content I created / produced during my travels and just getting back into a normal routine here in Vancouver. I am looking forward to using the autumn to paint and move into a new season. I have a few short films and documentaries to submit to festivals and organize screenings for, one is out already and was screened in Buenos Aires ( The People of La Plata). Will share as things progress, not going to be taking on any new projects for a season so I can see all of the current personal creative projects I have through and create continued impact.

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