Trailer - Art Television Episode 01 "The Man Behind Much Music".

ART TELEVISION is a Canadian created three part educational documentary series that features artists and movements from around the world! Our first episode will be dropping in March 2018.

Art Television is a division of Limage Media Group and was created by Visual Artist Stephanie Limage in 2016. Our vision is to unite artists and movements from around the world to make positive social impact through the arts + digital media.

We will be having public screenings happening in Vancouver BC Canada at the end of April for those of you who would like to attend!

Imdb - Director, Producer and Creator Stephanie Limage Art Television -

Running time per episode - 40 minutes

English with Spanish Subtitles.

Legal Representation - CIPWA (all rights reserved).

#FILMMAKERSTEPHLIMAGE #STEPHLIMAGEFILMS #FemaleFilmMaker #MuchMusic #DocumentaryByStephanieLimage #ArtTelevision

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