Now On Tour - Pop Up Positivity™ | A Travelling Visual Art Production

Pop Up Positivity™ Rethinking Negative Narratives Through Community Engaged Visual Art.

What is Pop Up Positivity™?

Pop Up Positivity™ is a visual art experience that can pop up anywhere at any time & is currently on its first tour stop in Mexico. Pop Up Positivity is designed with the sole purpose to bring joy and unity through positive visuals & messages while giving passers-by the opportunity to catch a positive vibe while encouraging audiences to re-think narratives that are generally negative in regards to specific places in the world. The large scale visual art exhibition can pop up at any time like a "Carebear Stare" to extinguish the negative content viewers were previously exposed to while impacting its audiences through positive visual art.

Pop Up Positivity is happening in three different nations and continents over the span of three months. The travelling visual art exhibition & production was created and designed by Canadian Visual Artist & Producer Stephanie Limage of Vancouver BC to share positive vibes through her visual art around the world. Each nation Pop Up Positivity visits has a visual experience curated specifically for them to reach targeted demographics. As the exhibition tours, Stephanie will be producing new never before seen visual content in collaboration with the local artists she encounters which will be featured in the second edition of Pop Up Positivity in 2020.

Pop Up Positivity thrives on community engagement and provides those in rural areas with exposure to new technology and hands-on training through artistic collaboration.

You can follow along via Instagram & Facebook as we tour.

Pop Up Positivity™ is owned by Artist Steph Limage, all rights are reserved.

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