Behind The Scenes Pop Up Positivity™ | Mexico Tour 2019

MEXICO, 2019 - Pop Up Positivity™ Rethinking Negative Narratives Through Visual Art in Solidarity with Haiti.

What is Pop Up Positivity™?

Pop Up Positivity™ is a visual art experience that can pop up anywhere at any time. Pop Up Positivity is designed with the sole purpose to bring joy and unity through positive messages while giving passers-by the opportunity to catch a positive vibe and also act as a conduit for others to re-think narratives that are generally negative in regards to specific places in the world. The visual experience can pop up at any time like a "carebear stare" to extinguish the negative visuals viewers were previously exposed to while impacting its audiences through visual art.

Pop Up Positivity is happening in three different nations in the span of three months & was created and designed by Canadian Visual Artist Stephanie Limage of Vancouver BC to share positive vibes through her visual art around the world. Pop up Positivity has been touring around the Yucatan Peninsula in partnership with the Minister of Tourism in Valladolid Mexico to showcase the presentation you see here in large scale pop up projections at Museums, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, parks, buildings and roofs exposing thousands of international tourists who flock to Yucatan each day with positive images of Haiti.

Why Haiti?

Haiti is an awesome country that gets a bad rep in the media and needs to be known for being an amazing, vibrant & historically significant nation. Artist Steph Limage was feeling down about all of the negative media coverage on Haiti lately as she has spent several years visually documenting Haiti's beauty and rich culture to share with others. Stephanie feels tourism is critical for the continued economic development in Haiti and finds negative imagery counterproductive. When tourists are able to come to Haiti it builds up the local economy, creates jobs and future opportunities. Pop Up Positivity's Haiti Edition serves as a reminder that there is another side to life in Haiti. The Haiti Edition features a series of photos Stephanie captured in Haiti over the span of half a decade while she was living in Haiti as well as vintage archival footage of Haiti from 1966.

The mobile visual experience was popped up in several locations in Mexico over the few last weeks. Stephanie focused on heavy traffic tourist hubs where thousands of international travellers have seen the exhibit randomly pop up after dark. The mobile exhibition surprises viewers unexpectedly with the vibrant imagery which showcases the beauty and culture of Haiti in a positive light.

For media inquires email Visual Artist Steph Limage here.

Crew Credits Savannah Massey - Production Assistant James Barwell Coles - Creole Translation Support Miguel Ángel Nahuat Tun - Community Support Yucatan Mexico Minister of Tourism Producer, Director & Creator - Steph Limage Music - Toto Necessite

All Images are copyright Steph Leigh Limage

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