The Polaroid Project | 2019 Mexico Edition

The Polaroid Project 2019 Mexico Edition - all polaroids are gifted to the subjects & shot on my 1983 Polaroid LMS 600.

1. Meet Jose & Carlos

2. Meet the beautiful Flora

3. Meet Gabor, during this project I got my Spanish pitch and explanation down to an art when talking to randoms, but what I did not prepare for was those who only speak Yucatec Maya. What a beautiful thing when you find a people’s group with their pure language.

4. Meet Georgina the iguana and Eddy.

5. Meet Jose.

6. Meet Ernesto, a fisherman we met while haggling boats to venture out on. Ernesto has 22 children all over the world, when I asked him what his favourite place was out of all of the locations he had travelled and fished he said Alaska.

7. Local crew of fishermen Julio, Rodrigo, Juan and Jose.

8. Meet Akna, she makes a living selling porridge in Valladolid. She only speaks Maya but a picture can say what words can not. After I purchased some porridge and hung out I asked her if I could take her photo. I snapped her Polaroid and she cried after, I asked her friend who spoke Spanish why she was crying, he said she had never had a photo of herself. I have to say my encounter with Akna was pretty awesome.

9. Meet Miguel Ángel Nahuat Tun who was born in the community of Xocén, Valladolid, Yucatan & is the Director of tourism in the city of Valladolid Mexico. Miguel specializes in designing tours focused on Archeology, Community Tourism, nature tourism and spiritual tourism and is a Guide Accredited by NOM-09-TUR-2002. He graduated from the Universidad de Oriente with a Degree in Tourism Development, he is also a part of the community of the University of the Caribbean. He is currently working to promote holistic tourism in the community of Xocen. I curated images of Valladolid to showcase in other nations for cultural and tourism exchange and in turn Miguel gave me permission to use the palace museum and hooked me up with others who wanted to support my travelling art exhibition Pop Up Positivity™.

10. Meet Alison, I really hit it off with her and got into some interesting conversations about body image and how we body shame ourselves as women, looking back on old photos when our bodies have changed overtime & naturally as we age.

11. Meet my 1983 Sun LMS 600 <3 I love you baby!

More to come!

Many thanks to Savannah Massey for her amazing production assistance during this project as well as Pop Up Positivity™!

Check out the video recap from the 2018 Edition of The Polaroid Project in Haiti below!

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